Going Out Group

With over 55,000 collective members and growing, we are an active network of people in the Washington DC area, who enjoy dancing, dining, pubs, outdoor activities, road trips, dinner parties, and other local activities.

We are married people, single people, new-in-towners, and people who have been in the DC area for a while and are simply looking for a new group to go out with. Are you new in town? Or have you been in the area for a while with the same 5, 10 or so friends, and just looking to meet new people? 

Membership is free. You only have to be friendly and fun to participate. So come join us (click on the group link(s) of interest above)!

Chief Entertainment Organizer


20s & 30s Going Out Group

30s & 40s Going Out Group

New Year's Eve

20s & 30s Asian Going Out Group



The only social groups you'll ever need!

"They are really well organized and always try to make activities that fulfill the group interest."
       Jessica F

"It's an amazing group - so many different people to meet and the organizers always pick the best locations and have the best meetup ideas."
       Ashley G

"After a few tries, I think I've finally found a good group.  You guys are fun and interesting and friendly... which is missing elsewhere.  Thanks for good times!"
       Krissy L

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