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Wakeboard & Waterski (part 2)! – 20s & 30s Going Out Group


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*** It’s a great day to wakeboard & waterski. See you there! ***

UPDATE #6: The event is sold out. If you were unable to secure a spot for this event online, you have the option of “flying standby.” There is usually 1 no-show for this event, so you just might be able to get on board. Make sure to come early with exact cash. Tickets are $140 each at the “door.”

UPDATE #5: Just a reminder, when you arrive, please park in the far back corner of the lot opposite the restaurant to allow space for lunch guests (see the “Parking” section of the event posting for full details)! I’ll be on the dock next to the address listed with a red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word “ACK” on it. At 9am, I’ll check people in, we’ll fill out waivers, and receive our orientation… then we’ll be on our way! Also reminder, don’t forget to pack a lunch. Please be ON TIME. Don’t forget to account for traffic delays. Once we’re on the river, we will not be turning back!

UPDATE #4: It’s completely optional, but please consider tipping our guides (suggested $10 per person). It’s an all-day trip, and I’m sure they will welcome the show of appreciation.

UPDATE #3:  Just a reminder, please send to me your attendee information (see the “Attendee Information” section of the event posting for full details). Thank you!

UPDATE #2: The early-bird price has ended and the ticket price is now $140. I look forward to seeing you there!

UPDATE #1: There are fewer than 2 early bird spots left and the price will increase from $125 to $140 when the early bird spots are gone or by Sun. Aug. 12th (whichever comes first). To be fair to those who want to join in and are ready to make payment, I’ll be removing those that haven’t paid by Fri. June 22nd. Make payment to lock in the early bird price and your spot (see the “Payment” section of the event posting). If you’ve already made payment, the PayPal email you received is confirmation that we’ve received your payment (no need to message me asking for ticket confirmation). This UPDATE has been emailed to the yes RSVPs. I hope to see you there!

Since the first date sold out in just a little over a week, here’s part 2!

Let’s learn to wakeboard and waterski! I’ve made special arrangements with 2 experienced instructors and reserved a Red Nautique 2011 Team Edition private boat for us to learn to wakeboard and waterski on the Annapolis South River (less than 1 hour away), where typical calm waters are found. This full-day summer outing includes our own boat, fuel, boat driver, guides, and equipment to use (e.g. wakeboard, waterskis, life jacket, etc.). The boat is equipped with all proper safety equipment as required by the Coast Guard. Snack and drink refreshments are also provided.

(Our boat [or similar])

We’ll enjoy music, sun, and fun while we watch, cheer, and take photos and videos of each other as we learn these exciting water sports. We’ll learn the basics on how to get up and ride a wakeboard and / or water skis, consisting of two ~20 minute sessions. I’ve done this once before, and while this may not seem like a long time, when we are riding, we’ll get physically tired and we’ll need a break. At 9am, we’ll check people in, fill out waivers, and receive our orientation. We’ll meet on the dock next to the address listed (see the “Boarding Point” section of the event posting for full details). I’ll be the one with a red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word “ACK” on it. Then we’ll be on our way at 9:30am. Please pack a lunch as we’ll be on the water all day. No alcohol is permitted. Please be ON TIME, and please account for traffic delays!

(Our instructors)

We are privileged to have as our guides:

  • Melissa Rose grew up boating with her family in Florida at an early age. She bought her first boat at 22 and taught herself to wakeboard watching a YouTube video. Over the years she has learned how to waterski, wakeboard, and wakesurf. She is currently progressing on some advance tricks and loves wakesurfing the most. She enjoys summers on her Nautique boat, hanging with friends, and wakeboarding on the South River. She runs the WakeboardingMD group on Facebook and has shared her passion and taught numerous people various watersports over the years.
  • Matt Grimard grew up boating on the South River. He learned to waterski when he was 10 years old in New Hampshire lakes. Melissa got Matt into wakeboarding and wake surfing and the rest is watersport love history. He has been practicing that for the past 2 years. He has helped to teach many first timers and most have been successful in getting up and riding behind the boat quickly. Matt can ski, slalom, wakeboard, wakesurf, and wakeskate.
  • (Both have their boating license and can swim)

Check out the videos below beforehand to get a sense of how to get up on a wakeboard and / or waterskis. It’s not guaranteed we’ll be able to get up, but these videos will most certainly help. Once we do get up and riding, it is an amazing experience! The ability to swim is required and good physical abilities will help with the learning curve. It’s a full-body anaerobic and aerobic exercise!

(How to get up on a wakeboard)

(How to get up on waterskiis)

A typical professional wakeboarding boat and lesson can cost $150 – $200 per person. We’ve got an early bird special for this event of $125! The first 5 paid sign-ups, or those who pay by Sun. Aug. 12th (whichever comes first) get the early bird price! After that, the ticket price will go to $140. We have a LIMITED number of spots so make sure to RSVP early AND make payment to secure your spot and get the early bird price! To make payment, please follow the steps in the “Payment” section of the event posting.

Come join us, tell a friend, and let’s have a fun, exciting full-day on the water!

– J.T.


We’ll meet on the dock next to the address listed. Look for the red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word “ACK” on it! If it’s crowded, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the flag, but I will be standing exactly where described.


If you need a ride, I suggest posting in the comment box below. Likewise, if you can offer a ride, please also post in the comment box with number of people you can accommodate.


Please park in the far back corner of the lot opposite the restaurant to allow space for lunch guests.


Please provide the following information immediately after you’ve made payment via my Meetup profile (do not comment on the event posting). 1) Height 2) Weight 3) Shoe size 4) Do you have prior experience riding (none, some, advanced)? 5) Can you swim? 6) Sex


Please sign and bring with you the following waiver. Click here. There will be a few extras on site.


PayPal account not required. Please follow the steps below (if payment by smartphone doesn’t work, please try your computer). Your RSVP is not guaranteed without payment, and your email receipt is confirmation that we have received your payment (please check your spam folder and email settings). You can also log into your PayPal or credit card account online to verify payment. Payment at the door will be permitted only should the event not sell out. Our events do sell out, so I recommend you secure your spot online early. If you make payment for less than the current ticketed price displayed without prior correspondence, your RSVP will be removed.

  1. Select “Yes” under “Are you going?” (or select “Change” RSVP to add more guests if you’ve already purchased ticket(s))
  2. Enter the number of guests coming and click “Finish RSVP”
  3. Click “Pay Now” (or “Pay Online Now”) at the top of the event posting near the ticket price per person
  4. Verify correct dollar amount for number of people you’re paying for. Modify if appropriate, click “Pay Now” or “Check Out” button
  5. If you don’t have a PayPal account, click “Pay with a Debit or Credit Card”
  6. If you have a PayPal account, simply log in, and pay as you normally would via PayPal


Please be on time. If you are late (arrive after the start time of 9am), you risk the possibility of not being able to join us for some or all of the event. I will have a master list of all those that have paid. It’s not required, but I recommend printing out your payment confirmation email as a backup (if you are not on the list, you will be required to show it). When you check-in, your RSVP will be listed under the name of the PayPal or credit card account used to make payment. Typically, this is your LEGAL name as shown on your driver’s license. Sometimes, it may be under a company name if you set up your PayPal or credit card account that way. If you are not sure what it is, please log into your PayPal account (it will say “Welcome, [your account name]” at the top) or your credit card account to find out. If you are RSVP’d under someone else’s payment, please use that name for check-in.


Since this event is paid for in advance, all sales are final unless the event is canceled or rescheduled. If the event is canceled or rescheduled, an UPDATE will be posted at the top of the event posting, and the UPDATE will also be sent as an email to the yes RSVPs. A full refund will be submitted no later than Wednesday of the following week. For rescheduled events, you must let me know within 3 calendar days of the UPDATE email if you are unable to make the new date… no refunds will be given after that time. Thanks for understanding. =)


Similar to a concert ticket or a football game ticket, you are free to sell / transfer your ticket to someone else if you are unable to attend. I suggest posting in the comment box for the event, that you have a ticket for sale / transfer. Work out any payment between yourselves, and have the seller only send me (the organizer) a message through my Meetup profile (do not comment in the comment box of the event posting) letting me know the first AND last name, and Meetup profile URL (if a member) of the person taking your spot (please also copy them on the message). To obtain their Meetup profile URL, go to their profile from the mobile website or your computer (not the app), and copy & paste the URL from your browser. I host a lot of events and groups, so please let me know the event name and group name the ticket transfer is for. You must let me know by the RSVP close time of 5:30am on the day of the event.


If you have any special needs (e.g. wheelchair, dietary for events with food included, etc.), let me know in advance (a week or more before the event) and I will do my best to accommodate (message me through my Meetup profile, do NOT comment on the event posting). If you let me know the day of the event, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to help. Thank you for understanding and I appreciate the courtesy of a heads up!


Please wear and / or bring the following suggested items and please pack light.

  • SPF (please apply before getting on the boat)
  • Lunch (a shared cooler will be available for storage)
  • Old tennis shoes, aqua shoes, river sandals, or boat shoes (please arrive with them already on)
  • Bathing suit (please arrive with it already on)
  • Extra pair of clothes (leave in your car for when we return)
  • Towel
  • Glasses strap


If it’s light rain, we’re still on. If there’s lightning, we’ll need to reschedule or cancel. Hopefully, if there is precipitation, it will just be a quick passing “summer” rain. If it looks like there might be possible rain, I’ll post an update by 6am the day of the event. If we cancel or reschedule, and you are unable to make the new date, you will get a full refund (please see the “Refund Policy” section of the event posting for full details).

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