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Fundraising Results – 30s & 40s Going Out Group

. TOTAL FUNDS RAISED: $55,333 — EVENT: Happy Hour at Grand CentralFUNDS RAISED: $544 (80% of proceeds)DATE: May 10, 2019CHARITY: Virginia OrganizingCONTACT: Rabib HasanEMAIL: rabbi [at] virginia-organizing [dot] orgWEBSITE: www.virginia-organizing.org EVENT: Happy Hour at UmayaFUNDS RAISED: $280 (80% of proceeds)DATE:

Going Out Group Retirement

. UPDATE #2: As of 10.14.19, the Going Out Groups (20s & 30s Going Out Group, 30s & 40s Going Out Group, Global Travelers Going Out Group) are now shut down. Thank you to everyone for being a part of