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FINAL Japan Pre-Trip Embassy (JICC) Visit! – 30s & 40s Going Out Group


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NOTE: This will be the final embassy visit hosted by J.T., and possibly the group. See details here… https://bit.ly/2VcsgB3

*** It’s a great day for an embassy visit.  See you there! ***

*** This event is open ONLY to those that have signed up for the Japan trip in September! It is NOT open to other members of our group. ***

UPDATE #1: I will be outside in front of JICC. Just a reminder, I’ll be the one with the red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word “ACK” on it! Please account for Metro, traffic, and parking delays, and please arrive on time! See you there!

Let’s go visit the Japan Information & Culture Center (JICC), which is a part of the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy of Japan!

I’ve made special reservations with the Japan Information & Culture Center (which is a part of the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy of Japan), in anticipation of our upcoming trip, to meet with Japan diplomats and receive an official country briefing to include the history, geography, culture, and tourism of Japan! We will meet up and check-in outside in front of the building at 1:30pm, and go in together at 2pm. I’ll be the one with a red flag (1 foot x 1 foot in size) with the word “ACK” on it! I will also hand out books to those that have not yet received one yet.

Please RSVP so I have an accurate headcount I can give to the embassy (if you show up on the day of the event without doing so, you may not be able to join us).

See you there!


NOTE: I’ve been getting the following question often lately: “Are you affiliated with Mer and his Guys & Girls (20s & 30s) Going Out Group?” No. I’ve never met or spoken with Mer. My group is the original “20s & 30s Going Out Group” and has always been called that, well before his group existed. HIS group was originally called Guys & Girls Night Out. He then changed his group’s name to Guys & Girls Going Out Group, and then again changed it to Guys & Girls (20s & 30s) Going Out Group. We run our groups and events separate and apart from each other; the groups are not associated with one another in any way. I also run the 30s & 40s Going Out Group, Global Travelers Going Out Group, and the eWheel Going Out Group, all of which are also not associated with any of Mer’s groups. Lastly, with the exception of my international trips, none of my events are “joint” events where multiple (often non-associated) groups are invited to the same event.


The closest Metro is Farragut North (Red line), about a 3 minute walk, and Farragut West (Orange, Blue, Silver lines), about a 4 minute walk. I suggest Metro / cabbing / Uber’ing if you can. I also recommend using wmata.com for travel planning. Don’t forget to account for Metro, traffic, and parking delays. If you are driving, you will need to find street parking or a garage. I recommend using parkopedia.com for garage parking planning.


Please be on time. If you are late (arrive after the start time of 1:30pm), you risk the possibility of not being able to join us for some or all of the event. I will have a master list of all those that have paid. It’s not required, but I recommend printing out your payment confirmation email as a backup (if you are not on the list, you will be required to show it). When you check-in, your RSVP will be listed under the name of the PayPal or credit card account used to make payment. Typically, this is your LEGAL name as shown on your driver’s license. Sometimes, it may be under a company name if you set up your PayPal or credit card account that way. If you are not sure what it is, please log into your PayPal account (it will say “Welcome, [your account name]” at the top) or your credit card account to find out. If you are RSVP’d under someone else’s payment, please use that name for check-in.


Should inclement weather (e.g. snow storm, hurricane, etc.) affect our event, we’ll need to reschedule or cancel. If any one of the following is not available for service due to inclement weather, we’ll need to do so: Metrorail is not running to all stops; Uber (X, SUV, etc.) is not running or available at no more than 2x standard rates; venue(s) are not open. I’ll post an UPDATE to the top of the event posting by 11am on the day of our event with the details.


If you have any special needs (e.g. wheelchair, dietary for events with food included, etc.), let me know in advance (a week or more before the event) and I will do my best to accommodate (message me through my Meetup profile, do NOT comment on the event posting). If you let me know the day of the event, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to help. Thank you for understanding and I appreciate the courtesy of a heads up!

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